5 DIY Ideas For Your Dining Area

Foodies or not, a lot of your quality time is going to be spent over a meal with your new family, or when you have your friends over for a home party. This is why the dining area should be one of the places that you add a personal touch to.

You don’t need to be an engineer or artist to create something fabulous. Here are five simple ideas that almost anyone could pull off.

dining areaMenu of the day

For those who aren’t Martha Stewart, planning your meals early may be a great way to ensure you won’t get a panic attack when you have to cook. A menu board that’s made with a blackboard, paint, and coloured stickers is a great way to plan, and also add some character to your dining room.

Get it labelledGet it labelled

Using wooden boards, cut out letters that you like, such as “Eat”, “Food” or “Dine”. If you have enough space to play around with, you can even form a quote that you love. In some craft stores, you may also be able to find wooden letters that have already been cut out. Simply paint them in your favourite colours and get creative.

Colourful utensilsColourful utensils

When you have too many utensils or cutleries in the tray, you may sometimes find it a pain to look for what you need. A pretty yet practical way to resolve this problem is to paint the handle of your utensils. Red for salad spoon, blue for ladle, green for spork… you’ll identify the right ones in one glance.

Embellished platesEmbellished plates

Practise your penmanship on plain white plates with Sharpies to create customised plates! Simply leave your masterpiece in the oven to bake for about 30 minutes and the prints become permanent. What to write: a chapter from your favourite book, an inspiring quote, or the name of the person who is using that plate.

Beautiful bowlsBeautiful bowls

Don’t neglect your bowls. One easy way to customise them is to stick buttons of different shapes, colours and sizes on the exterior of the bowl. Be totally random with their arrangement for an eclectic design.



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