The new eyebrow rules

We’ve all heard that old beauty adage that eyebrows frame your eyes, which are the windows to your soul, and until now, it’s been assumed that it’s all about the art of perfecting the arch of the brow. However, from the land of beauty innovation and new trends – Korea – there’s been a new school of thought forming, behind the ulzzang, or youthful, makeup movement and in particular ulzzang eye makeup technique starting with the ulzzang brow.

ulzzang brows

What is an ulzzang brow exactly?  It’s nothing less than the travesty we’ve all been trying to avoid – a straight, full, natural soft-looking brow – the key word here being ‘straight’. With all the plucking, waxing, grooming we’ve been doing to force our brows into quizzical, sexy, come hither arches, who knew that the key to a more youthful appearance lay in the ‘natural-looking’ brow. The thought is as much an oxymoron as ‘natural makeup’.

How to achieve this ulzzang brow?

  • Start with a natural taupe powder (Glam-it! has an eye shadow, Caramel-eyes that doubles as a brow powder in GlamPact). If your brows are darker, you can use a slightly darker shade such as a bronzer (Glam-it! Shady, which is a bronzer in GlamPact).
  • Use the brow powder to draw an imaginary straight line through your brows as a guide. (This line should ideally start from one end of one of your eyes to the other side of the same eye. Do the same for the other side.) Then soften out any sharp or rough edges afterward. The goal is for your eyebrows to look as soft and as straight in shape as possible.
  • If your brows are on the sparser side, you can use a soft taupe pencil or brow pencil, to draw the same previously mentioned straight line through your brows, and then using a light feathering motion with little strokes to fill in your straight brows, avoiding the temptation to emphasise your arch. Try to downplay your arch as much as possible to achieve the ulzzang effect.
  • Finally, fill in any areas and set with the brow powder (which should be slightly lighter than the pencil), or eyebrow gel if you prefer.

Jennifer Cheng
Former actress and model Jennifer Cheng is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Jenifer knows what it takes to feel gorgeous inside and out which is why she created Glam-it! the ultimate destination of all things beauty and fashion.



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