5 wedding bouquets we love

Roses, lilies, even sunflower bridal bouquets are a little passé. We’d like to inspire you with creative ideas that aren’t just beautiful, but also meaningful.

button bouquet
Button bouquet
Make your own button bouquet simply by fixing sticks to buttons of all shapes and sizes. Make it extra meaningful: ask your family and friends to contribute a button each as a sign of their blessings for you. This isn’t just an eco-friendly option, but also an ornament that will last beyond the wedding.

Candy bouquet
Pick your favourite lollipops and put them together in a bunch, embellished with ribbons. If you’re a December bride, you can also consider candy canes. Distribute the candies to your bridesmaids after the ceremony as a symbol of good luck. We recommend this for “Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory” themed weddings or just brides with a sweet tooth.

origami bouquets
Paper bouquet
An origami bouquet is a nifty idea because it doesn’t matter whether the flower you like is in season – simply choose the craft paper you like and make your own! Get your bridesmaids and even your husband-to-be to help fold the origami flowers. We’re sure it’ll make for a great bonding session before you officially become a missus.

satin bouquet

Satin bouquet
The elegant bride is going to love a simple satin bouquet. It goes with almost any dress and doesn’t weigh a tonne to carry around. Spruce it up with one real flower in the centre if you wish for something more complex.

shell bouquet

Seashell bouquet

Holding a beach wedding? What can be more appropriate than a seashell bouquet? To complete the theme, use seashells as your ring holder and to decorate the perimeters of your aisle. Your guests will be impressed with your creativity.

All photos sourced from Pinterest.



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