Yes, your hair can look great after the gym

Hair at the gym

Hitting the gym is one of the best things you can do for your body and even your skin. Sure, your hair benefits from it too – just as soon as you’ve had a chance to wash and dry it. But what do you do when that’s not an option? Follow our tips for stylish post workout hair.

Carry your dryer with you. Flip your hair forward and give your roots a quick blast of hot air. This will eliminate post-workout flatness. It also takes care of any itchiness you may experience from leaving your scalp damp for too long.

Keep your dry shampoo handy. Once you’ve got your roots dry, spray on some dry shampoo. This will soak up the excess oils as well as add some much needed volume.

Make the messy bun your go-to style. Use the volume and texture created with your dry shampoo and dryer to fashion a messy bun and pin it into place. You can even add accessories. Braids and ponytails are good options too. There are so many variations that you could do for just about any occasion.



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