Wardrobe investment: The little black dress

The little black dress (aka LBD) is an absolute must-have in any woman’s closet. Since Coco Chanel defied all fashion dictates and introduced a short, black dress in 1926, this piece has seen many avatars – mod in the 60s, power shoulders and peplum in the 80s, and the grunge versions of the 90s.

Classic and versatile it can be your go-to piece for just about any occasion. Drape on a scarf in a vivid hue for a pop of colour, slip into heels for a sophisticated touch or flats for a more casual look, and take this piece to work with a blazer for maximum effect. It is always the one item in a woman’s closet that makes her feel glamorous.


Still need convincing this is a great investment? Take a page out of Audrey Hepburn’s style-book. Her iconic black dresses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s are stylish even today. And to help you pick the dress that will stand the test of time we’ve got a few guidelines.


The LBD forms the foundation of your wardrobe so choose a cut that will flatter your body. This will ensure your dress looks current even next season.

A versatile style will let you wear this staple on more than one occasion with just a few key changes in accessories. Avoid embellishments or too much lace and rely on a string of pearls or cocktail ring instead to change your look.

Look for expert workmanship and quality fabric when choosing your LBD, these go a long way in giving it lasting power.



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