Which Flora Girl Are You?

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Inspired by Gucci’s iconic motif that was originally created for Grace Kelly in 1966, the Gucci Flora Garden collection features five distinctive bouquets that are encased in tall hexagonal bottles with velvet ribbons.

gucci flora garden

Each alluring scent comes with its character and loyal fans. Take this quiz and find out which Flora girl you are.

1. Which of these words best describe you?
A. Energetic
B. Elegant
C. Charismatic
D. Beautiful
E. Feminine

2. The classic beauty you look up to most is…
A. Brigitte Bardot
B. Jacqueline Kennedy
C. Elizabeth Taylor
D. Marilyn Monroe
E. Audrey Hepburn

3. Which of these cities would you like to spend your next vacation in…
A. Hawaii
B. London
C. Hollywood
D. Sydney
E. Paris

4. Your favourite colour is…
A. Orange
B. Green
C. Blue
D. Red
E. Purple

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