Tips: Shopping For Your Skincare Regime

The shopping season – the Great Singapore Sale – will start on 31 May all the way to 28 July this year. We already shop till we drop during non-sale period, but this season is a great excuse for us to patronize our favourite brands without hurting our wallets as much.

If you’re planning to shop for skincare products, here are a few useful tips.

Tip #1: Buy only what are suitable

Just like dresses a size too small that we impulsively buy, thinking we’ll be able to fit perfectly into them if we invest more hours into our fitness plan, purchasing skincare products that are not suitable for you is going to disappoint.

Understand your skin’s condition by going through a skin analysis with an expert. The SK-II counters, for instance, are equipped with the Magic Ring, a device that measures your skin’s age and also tells you which of the five dimensions of skin you need to work on. The five dimensions are: Texture, radiance, firmness, spots control and wrinkle resilience.


Ask the beauty advisor to recommend products that are suitable for your skin and request for samples so you can try out the product for yourself before you make a purchase – this is like bringing your clothes to the fitting room before you get it! Do this early so you can still be in time for GSS promotions when you are ready to buy.

Tip #2: Take note of expiry dates

It may be tempting to “stock” up products because they’re going at an attractive discount. However, most skincare products have a shelf life of three years (after date of manufacturing) if they’re unopened, and usually about a year if you’ve opened it.

Check the usage of your existing products and only buy what you need. Find out the manufacturing date of the products you’re buying too – this information is usually found on the box. Make a prudent purchase, because after all, you can always buy more the next time.

Tip #3: Try products at the neck

If you tend to have sensitive skin or may be allergic to certain ingredients, do a patch test before you buy anything. Apply some of the formula from the tester either around your neck or along your jawline and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Typically, if your skin forms an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the product, redness and itch will show up within five minutes.

Trying the product on the back of your hand only gives you an idea of how the product texture is like. Because the skin on your hand is different from your face, it’s best to do the patch test on skin that’s closer to your face.

Tip #4: Learn exactly how to use the product

It may be tempting to lay your hands on all the best promotions. But the last thing you want, is to go home with a bag of skincare products you have no idea how to use.

Usually, instructions can be found on the labels of the product packaging, or on a slip of paper inside the box. However, find out from the beauty advisor as much information as you need. Questions such as how often you should use it, what the correct technique of application is, and whether it’s recommended for day or night use are important.



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