Review: New Senja Sunyi treatment at Auriga Spa

Glamorous life comes at a cost, and often shuttling from cities to cities in our four-inch stilettos doesn’t make it easy for our aching back and calves. Some will suggest going for a hot stone massage to ease tension in the muscles, others will say Chinese Tui Na is the best remedy, and then there are others who swear by Javanese massage.

How about getting the best of all worlds?


The latest treatment presented by Auriga spa seeks to explore the mysteries of the orient. Called Senja Sunyi (senja means “dusk” and sunyi means “silent” in Bahasa Indonesia), this luxurious treatment provides a mix of techniques from Javanese massage and Chinese Tui Na. At the same time, the therapist also uses a warm moonstone to further relax the body.

My problem area has always been my upper back and shoulders, which often ache from long hours of sitting at the desk (probably at a not-so-ideal sitting posture). Lathering my body with aromatic oil, the therapist offered a strong deep tissue massage that uses long strokes that are signature to Javanese massages. This instantly loosened the kinks and knots in my muscles, as my back creaked loudly with every stroke administered by the therapist.



Complementing the Javanese techniques are Chinese Tui Na techniques, which were administered by focusing on specific pressure points to relieve tension in the muscles. This may hurt a little for those who prefer medium strength massages, but is said to help channel energy through the body’s meridians for long-term well-being for the body.

I also love the warm sensation of the moonstone on the body. The alternate between the gem and the therapist’s hands in the kneading seem to magically melt fatigue away, so the body feels rejuvenated and very relaxed.


The Senja Sunyi treatment is priced at S$220 for 90 minutes at Auriga Spa. From 1 February 2013, this treatment will be available as a couple’s treatment package that includes the Porcelain Moon Scrub with Peony and Plum Blossoms, Mandi Safar Bath and a Peranakan style afternoon tea at The Knolls restaurant, at S$688++ per couple. Auriga Spa is located at 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island.



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