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If you give due consideration to the outfits and makeup you wear to the office, you should also carefully think about the perfume you put on. After all, it plays a big part in the impression you leave on others, albeit subtle. At Glam, we won’t recommend you to go scent-free. Just as a wrong perfume can leave a bad impression, the right one can help complete the professional image you’ve built for yourself.

Quick tips to choosing the perfect work fragrance:

  • Don’t go OTT. An overpowering fragrance can be an annoyance to your colleagues, so consider an EDT or a very light EDP.
  • Get a signature scent. This can be dependent on the impression you’d like to leave. Floral scents reflects your feminine side, citrus scents cheers people up, spicy scents feels mysterious, and musky scents shows your sense of maturity.
  • Try it on yourself before purchasing. The beauty of perfumes is that they may smell different on different wearers because of how the perfume molecules interact with your skin. When shopping for a perfume, shortlist a few and wear it on yourself (on your wrists, or the folds of your elbow). Smell the spots where you’ve sprayed the perfume after 10 minutes, and again after an hour, and see if you like the scents.

Scents & Sensibility

Gucci Forever Now


Achieve this impression: Well-balanced, efficient, confident

This newly-launched scent is a timeless classic that’s rich in nuances without being overpowering. A spritz of it will have you dressed in a coat of herbal and spicy fragrances that’s reminiscent of the unique aromas from the hills of Florence, where Gucci first set up its boutique. The fuss-free but very iconic design of the bottle also speaks volumes about its wearer’s sense of confidence.

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