White Christmas, Winter Scents

It’s a complete waste of perfume if it gets trapped under layers of wool and cashmere and faux fur so deep that not even you are close enough to detect the faintest whiff of it. And so you give up wearing — or packing — any altogether this time of the year when you jet off for your white Christmas getaway.

In an earlier story, How To Smell Good All Day, we gleaned some awesome expert tips on making your perfume work longer and harder for you: Wear it on all our pulse points and, more effectively, spritz some in your hair. While these tips work flawlessly in other seasons, winter requires a wee bit more effort.

For starters, you may want to go with a more robust perfume — something from the oriental family, perhaps, or a rich floral fragrance. Once you’ve found the one, choose the EDP edition rather that the less concentrated EDT. If the fragrance comes with accompanying shower gel and body lotion, use them. Layering is the way to enhance the strength and longevity of a scent.

And while many people would advise you against spraying any perfume on your clothes because of the possibility of staining the fabric, especially if it’s a delicate one, and the challenge of washing any residual scent off it, we have no qualms applying a spritz or two on the inside collar of our coats just so we can leave an alluring trail in the crisp wintry air. Just take care to do it from a good distance of at least 30cm. We’ve had no wardrobe mishaps so far.

A few friends who are going away came to us for recommendations. In the spirit of giving and all, we thought we’d share it with you. Happy holidays!

Holiday Destination:
New York
Boss Nuit Pour Femme eau de parfum + body lotion

Boss Nuit Pour Femme

Holiday Destination:
Jimmy Choo eau de parfum + shower gel + body lotion

Jimmy Choo set

Holiday Destination:
Gucci Première eau de parfum + body lotion

Gucci Premiere
Holiday Destination:
Tom Ford Black Orchid eau de parfum + body lotion

Tom Ford



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