Kiehl’s launches Aromatic Blends

Those who know Kiehl’s will be familiar with their heritage of producing products that are fortified with sustainable, natural ingredients that are often nourishing and mild-smelling. Now, the brand decides to further their expertise in essential oils and launched Aromatic Blends, a new line made up of fragrance, cleansers and body lotions.

kiehl's aromatic blends fragrances

There are four collections in Aromatic Blends and each one features a different sourcing location and inspiration:

Fig Leaf and Sage captures the scent of spring in Provence and is developed by a perfumer who spent his childhood in Provence. The scent is crisp, straight and refreshing.
Glam recommends it for: Work. The invigorating scent will give you a great perk-me-up so you’d stay sharp at boardroom meetings.

Vanilla and Cedarwood is concocted with natural vanilla oil that is sourced from Uganda, as part of a sustainable sourcing programme that also helps with social assistance for the farmers. Ugandan vanilla is different in that it has a smoky aroma (instead of sweet) that is adds character to the scent.
Glam recommends it for: First dates. Vanilla has a natural soothing and sensual effect on people, The smoky note of this scent will also help give you a touch of mystery.

Orange Flower and Lychee will be a hit with those who love sweet scents. This is blended with three different parts of the Bitter Orange tree to produce a very strong orange aroma.
Glam recommends it for: Brunch with the girls. The sweet fragrance makes you seem more approachable and helps relax you further on a lazy Sunday.

Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit was formulated by utilising a unique extraction technology where odorous molecules can be extracted at room temperature but under precise pressure conditions.
Glam recommends it for: Cocktail parties. The pretty scent will make a great conversation-starter and a befitting companion for your dainty frock.

kiehl's aromatic blends - body cleanser, fragrance, body lotion

While the focus is in the fragrances ($82 each), don’t forget to check out the collection’s body cleansers ($33 each) and body lotions ($43 each) too. The body cleansers lathers into foam to cleanse and condition skin despite formulated without sulfates, and the body lotion promises to deliver 24 hours of hydration and nourishment without the use of silicones.

The Aromatic Blends line is available at all Kiehl’s boutiques.



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