Million Dollar Jewels Showcased At Singapore Jewelfest 2012

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Looking like a million bucks take on a literal meaning if you were the owner of one of these jewel pieces that are displayed at the Singapore Jewelfest 2012.

In its 10th year running, the festival is highlighting, for the very first time, masterpieces from renowned jewelers that are worth above a million dollars. We picked out our favourite among these opulent pieces that are bound to take your breath away.

Diamond necklace by DeGem

degem showcases three diamonds worth 1 million dollars at singapore jewelfest 2012

This unique piece is made up of three types of diamonds – a 7.16-carat white shield diamond, a 2.11-crat vivid yellow emerald diamond, and a 0.72-carat intense purplish pink emerald diamond. These three stones are set in 18K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Value: S$1,000,000

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