Clarks: Sport On!

All eyes are on London as she puts the final touches on the 2012 Olympic Games. Cheering the grand dame on is none other than Clarks.

To walk all that talk of sport, the British brand, who’s a proud sponsor for some of the Games’ participants, has unveiled an exciting new Spring/Summer 2012 Sports collection of shoes that are designed to inspire fitness, health and style in the every-day life of the contemporary woman.

Here are four key styles: Balance, Halo, Flex and WaveWalk, each fulfilling a specific need. Whether it’s performance, versatility, comfort or the long-term benefit towards posture and wellness one seeks in a pair of shoes, Clarks has got it covered.


From Left: Illusive Form in yellow and Illusive Step in silver.

BALANCE: Ball Of The Belle
A ball that unfurls into a pair of shoes? Pure genius! Clarks’ Illusive range for Spring/Summer 2012 is a clever homage to sport as much as it is a celebration of the London Olympics.

This transformer of a footwear has a revolutionary design that boasts ultra-lightweight outsoles (they enhance the body’s natural walking pattern), offers stability and comfort, and promises to improve your posture over time. Performance, style and versatility rolled into one — literally.


From left: Porcelain Lilly and Porcelain Mini

HALO: Sole Good
They say that clothes make the woman. But they forgot to mention you also need a good posture to make the clothes look good. Which is why the Halo range is such an important component of the Clarks DNA.

The Halo’s goodness is in the sole, which features Clarks’ rocker-bottom technology. And its name is not just a metaphor. The halo in the wedge heel is there to provide additional support to the big toe joint pivot. Working hand-in-hand with it are the sandal’s curved sole to propel your foot forward (walking can be effortless like that), and its ideal heel height which mollifies calf tension (say goodbye to backaches!).

Time to take that first step towards a good posture, ladies.


From left: Inplay Flex in grey and InPlay Twist in coral.

FLEX: Workout Buddy
Beauty is skin deep and short-lived if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle to cultivate a more lasting beauty from within. Which explains the modern-day woman’s obsession with Zumba and Tracy Anderson. What’s even more important? A good pair of shoes to take your workout to the next level.

Clarks’ Flex shoes are great workout buddies as they’re super lightweight, breathable and flexible. And the outsole is designed to emulate the foot’s natural movement. Working out is hard work enough, why not wear a pair of shoes that can make it a little more bearable and way more pleasing to the eye?


From left: Walk Bright in a striking cherry red and Walk Dazzle in black.

WAVE: Walking On Air
Walking, like style, should be effortless. Enters the WaveWalk footwear from Clarks. Bulit with the motion-enhancement technology, the WaveWalk sandals feature a unique curved sole that makes walking a breeze. It intuitively uses the body’s natural walking momentum to push you along, thus helping you to conserve energy, mitigate fatigue and relieve stress imposed on the feet. In a sentence, the WaveWalk puts the spring right back in your step.



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