Review: Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme

Dior takes the ubiquitous BB cream to another level with its take on the super popular blemish balm.

It’s no secret that water is an essential ingredient to attaining good, clear skin. But the water that’s used in the Diorsnow UV Shield BB Creme (White Reveal UV Protection SPF 50 PA+++, 30ml) is not your regular H2O. The fashion/beauty juggernaut has selected a rare and extremely pure water, gleaned from Iceland’s thousand-year-old glaciers, in the making of its brightening skin-care products.

Called the Icelandic Glacial™ Water, it is supposed to boost the brightening effectiveness of products that contains this precious liquid. This BB Creme promises to illuminate your skin immediately to create a flawless canvas for your make-up.

All that may be sound like mere marketing mumbo-jumbo you’ve heard too often that fails to hold water. Well, after a week’s usage, I am happy to report that this Diorsnow BB Creme is the real deal, and every beauty junkie worth her weight in face creams should have a tube in her make-up bag.

Here’s why: Application is a breeze, thanks to a pump dispenser; the texture is light and creamy like vanilla sauce, and it blends very quickly, smoothly and flawlessly into the skin; the coverage for a veil-thin cream like this is remarkable; it smells divine and since it’s an all-in-one cream and so snugly packaged, it’s flight-friendly, too. Love it, love it, love it!

Supermodel complexion, anyone?



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