Dior: Extreme Makeover

Dior beauty has a new face, and we — pardon the pun — J’adore it.

Yesterday, Dior officially unveiled its brand new beauty counter at Isetan Scotts, Singapore, to the delight of the press and guests alike. Going by the sheer floor space it occupies, the word “counter” seems obsolete and inadequate. It’s really more like an open-concept beauty boutique.

Its capaciousness aside, Dior’s new counter, which houses all of the brand’s skin-care, fragrance and make-up lines, is all about providing customers an all-encompassing and personalised shopping experience. With this new exciting concept, it aims to create a space that “modernises and truly expresses the Dior world”, gives the brand “a breath of fresh air” and “propels it into the future of luxury and sophistication”.

If you’re already a Dior fan, you will be thrilled by the many new luxury services you will enjoy here: New and enhanced haute couture-inspired make-up consultation (star treatment, anyone?), a more private and elegant skin-care consultation environment, special attention on Dior’s premium offerings and, last but no less exciting, a new fragrance consultation service, available from August 1, where a Dior perfume specialist will help you to find the perfect scent. If you weren’t already fan, well, trust us, you will be!

Glam is definitely heading back to try out these fabulous sounding services. We’ll be back with a full report. Stay tuned!





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