Bag Of The Week: Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Naturale Spotted Phyton Bag
We may be calling this the Bag Of The Week, but this Bottega Veneta beauty is easily a contender for Bag Of The Year. Why? Well, we fall in love every week with at least one bag, but it’s been a while since one this unique and original has come along to take our breath away. No, really, we literally stopped breathing for five seconds when we first laid eyes on it.

Kudos to BV for having a sense of humour (painted spots on python skin? It’s like a snake masquerading as a leopard!), while it stays true to its brand identity (check out the signature intrecciato detail) and plushness. At £4,614 (S$9,282), it’s a big price tag, but hey, exclusivity is part of its appeal.

Also available in violet lamb leather, which is amazing for summer!




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