15 Minutes With Victoria Great

This week, Glam Asia speaks with Victoria Great, associate director of external relations at P&G, who is no doubt an expert on hair-care matters. Great tells us the importance of hair treatments and masks, and why you should not judge a shampoo by its striking colour.

GLAM: What is your daily hair-care regime like?
VICTORIA GREAT: I have a simple three-step routine: Shampoo, condition and treatment. It is important to know that treatments are essential as they nourish and restore your hair’s health, especially because damage tends to accumulate over time.
Given that Singapore’s weather is very humid and I also do a lot of sport, I wash my hair every one to two days.

GLAM: If you could only have/use one hair-care product, what would it be?
VG: A hair mask, because it’s full of all the right nutrients and benefits, and it helps to repair and revitalise the hair. A personal favourite of mine is Vidal Sassoon’s Intensive Hair Mask, a specially formulated and highly concentrated treatment designed to repair damaged hair fibres that have been exposed to frequent colouring that promises to maintain the hair’s colour vitality and shine.

GLAM: What’s a haircare myth you’d like to bust?
VG: Many think that a two-step hair-care regime of shampooing and conditioning is enough, and some even stop at shampoo. But this doesn’t give your hair the additional protection and pampering it needs. It is important to treat our hair the same way we treat our skin, and just as we treat our skin to a full skin-care regimen, we should also commit to a hair-care ritual. A good haircare ritual should also include leave-on or rinse-off treatments as well as regular hair masks.

GLAM: What’s a good DIY hair-care tip to be armed with?
VG: Some shampoos may grab your attention with its striking colours, but it is best to avoid them as they come from the use of synthetic colours, which are possibly carcinogenic. Instead, opt for sulfate-free products, which will not strip your hair of its natural oils and are also gentler on the hair and are especially good for colour-treated hair. Herbal extracts are usually beneficial for your hair as they are natural and chemical-free; shampoos formulated with chamomile can naturally brighten your hair, while jojoba-based products can cleanse and purify your scalp.

GLAM: Complete the sentence: Beauty is …
VG: … only (achievable) from within. Just as  it’s important to choose the right hair-care products, healthy and beautiful hair needs to be nourished from inside out — give yourself and your hair with the right type of diet, and ensure that you are well hydrated and have a vitamin-packed diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and omega-fatty acids.



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