The Stella McCartney Showdown

It’s a Stella McCartney showdown this season as Rosie, Miranda, Brooklyn, Nicole, Zooey and Gwen are all strutting their stuff in pieces from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The biggest hits — the PJ-esque prints and daring cut-out mesh dresses — have reigned (or rained?) on the red carpet parade and beyond. Do we love them? Well, let’s just say a few did McCartney more justice than others. But if we’re being brutally honest, Joan Rivers-style, then no, we think these dresses should be banned and banished to Jersey Shore. But enough about us. Take a look at which star/model gave Stella her groove, and who were a big booboo!


This is not an easy dress to rock. So, props to Rosie for actually making it look so good with all the right accessories.

It’s the case of right girl, wrong dress. But Miranda can do no wrong — she still looks smoking hot.

It’s starting to look like Stella McCartney favours models over actresses this season. Kate Moss scores in this figure-flaunting number.



No aces here for Brooklyn Decker, the only model who didn’t make this dress work.

Acting chops, she’s got it, but fashion sense? Chloe Moretz is a patchwork of disaster. And she was at a Gossip Girl soiree! Tsk, tsk, what would Blair say?

This New Girl needs a New Stylist — to replace herself. Seriously, our bath towel has a better fitting than Zooey Deschanel’s wrapper of a dress.

The Irish MTV presenter needs to learn one of the most celebrated fashion mantra: Less is more.



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