15 Minutes With Celeb Hairstylist June Ng

June Ng, celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Mando-pop songstress Stephanie Sun, and Singaporean actress Phyllis Quek, spares GLam Asia 15 minutes to talk about hair care, the truth about white hair and this year’s hair trend.

Glam: What is your daily hair-care regime like?
My daily hair-care regime costs of washing my hair on alternate days (I use a shampoo based on my scalp condition and a hair mask as conditioner).

As I have fine hair, I also use Kérastase Masque Volumactive to give it more volume. After that, I apply a scalp tonic — Aminexil GLM — to prevent hair loss. This is followed by a hair treatment booster, Kérastase Elixir Ultime. Lastly, on goes the Ciment Thermique to strengthen my hair before finishing with Fibre Architecte to seal in my split ends.

It takes about 20 minutes on average as I’m quite particular about my hair. Because I have a good haircut and use the right products, it makes the blow drying process very easy and manageable.

G: If you could only have/use one hair-care product, what would it be?
J: The Kérastase Aminexil GLM. Beautiful hair originates from a healthy scalp.

G: What’s a pet hair myth you’d like to bust?
J: There’s a hair myth that plucking out white hair will cause more white hair to appear. That’s not true. In fact, pulling out white hair will prevent it from growing again as it damages the hair follicles. That said, you shouldn’t pull out white hair whenever you see one.

G: Can you give our readers some good advice on choosing the right hairstylist?
J: It is very important to have a good rapport with your stylist. So in terms of choosing a right stylist, it is important to find one who will listen and discuss with you about your hair needs. A good stylist gives you a haircut based on your face shape, character and also allows you to manage it easily without much effort.

G: What’s a good tip to be armed with for DIY haircare?
J: Section your hair before applying products to spread them evenly.

G: What do you foresee to be a big hair trend in 2012?
J: Last year’s hair trend was the bob. I think that in 2012, it will be all about the fringe. And the bob, but with a lot more movement.

G: Complete the sentence: Beauty is …
J: Having hair that speaks for you.




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