A Candy-licious Prada Scrub

Here at Glam, we love nothing more than a hot bath, a glass of vino plonko and a sugary treat after a tiring day. But who doesn’t? So when we found ourselves clutching a popping-pink pot of Prada Candy Body Scrub this week, we dashed home to put it to good use.

Unscrewing the hefty top, a caramely smell escapes before being joined by the scents other signature notes of white musk and Benozoin — a resin from the styrax tree. Sweet but subtle.

Slathering on and massaging it in, the Candy Scrub softens our toughened skin without striping off delicate layers while allowing us to be a little smug — we’ve just had a super-charged candy hit and for once our thighs are not going to suffer for it! Quite the contrary, in fact.



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