The New Bob

While all eyes are on London this summer thanks to the Olympics, we are all about clean aesthetics, athletic gorgeousness and functional style. Glam asked Sassoon’s UK creative director Bruce Masefield to give us the inside scoop on the new bob for Spring/Summer 2012.

Bruce Masefield

Glam: Why go for a bob?
Bruce Masefield: The new bob makes a strong statement for Spring/Summer as fashion becomes looser and more unfinished. Shorter, sexier hair shows off the beauty of the face and gives perfect femininity. Better yet, it’s also easy to maintain. The bob perfectly frames the face, accentuating cheekbones, and the curved fringe makes the eyes pop. Think shiny, healthy sexy hair when looking towards Spring/Summer. The bob is timeless and always looks beautiful as it can be worn in different ways depending on time and your mood!

The best thing about this new Sassoon bob is its versatility from sleek, sophisticated chic to dishevelled, tousled and sexy. To achieve a smooth and silky finish, polish the hair while blow drying — protect your hair from the heat of the hair dryer by using Sassoon Professional Heat Shape which will give your hair the ultimate shine.

For a more textured and sporty look, blow dry with a small amount of Sassoon Professional Texture Refine which creates that “undone” tousled feel.




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