Oh, Chanel, What A Face!

We can’t take out eyes off this magnificent Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon watch, which will be unveiled at the week-long 2012 BaselWorld exhibition from March 8 to 15. And it’s only the picture we’ve been leering at. Imagine the seeing it in the flash!

The Inspiration
The exquisite octagonal-shaped dial of this mechanical timepiece is a dazzling homage to Chanel No 5 (the perfume bottle stopper sports a similar architecture) as well as the legendary Place Vendôme in Paris where Hotel Ritz Paris, one-time home to Coco Chanel, stands. More significantly, the heart of the watch — aka the flying tourbillon — truly beats for Mademoiselle  Chanel, whose favourite flower is the Camellia.

10 Things You Should Know About This Watch

  1. This is Chanel’s first flying tourbillon creation after introducing the traditional tourbillon to the J12 in 2005.
  2. The flying tourbillon makes one complete rotation per minute, with the petals indicating the seconds.
  3. The watch is quipped with a power reserve of 40 hours.
  4. Case dimension: 28.5mm by 37mm (bigger than the original Premiere’s 19mm by 26mm.)
  5. Bling factor: 18k white gold case set with 101 baguette-cut diamonds (5.2 carats in total) and 127 brilliant-cut diamonds (totalling 2 carats)
  6. The dial is made of black ceramic.
  7. Produced in a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces.
  8. This watch is the result of a collaboration between Chanal and Swiss master watchmakers Renaud & Papi, the advanced R&D branch of Audemars Piguet.
  9. The tourbillon works intricately to resist the impact of gravity, thus ensuring accurate time-keeping.
  10. The flying tourbillon performs the same function but without a key component called the upper bridge, the absence of which enhances the aesthetics of the watch. Put simply, it’s sort of like the contact lens or  lasik of horology — perfect vision without the glasses!




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