Review: Kéraseal Ritual

What: Kéraseal Ritual, 90 minutes


Where: Salon 360 @ Marina Bay Sands (Also available at J’s Salon)


The promise: The Kéraseal Ritual, introduced in conjunction with the launch of the Kérastase’s Fibre Architecture Serum, is a pampering session designed to soothe your senses while reconstructing your hair internally from root to end.

The verdict: I must confess, I’ve never until now checked in to a hair spa. Between work and a personal to-do list that’s as relentless as Lindsay Lohan’s track record of malfeasance, hair is the one thing I hardly fuss over (something’s got to give, right?). It helps that I have a wonderful hairstylist whom I see every three weeks. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a mite nervous when my appointed therapist at Salon 360 performed something called a digital diagnosis on my scalp to assess its health. Turns out, other than some mild erosion in the hair typically caused by regular chemical treatments like rebonding and colouring, there was no real cause for panic.

Peace of mind restored, I retreated into the cushy lounger in the privacy of Salon 360’s cosy treatment room, shut my eyes (and my iPhone) and let the 90-minute bliss begin. What followed was a sumptuous cocktail of scalp and hair cleansing, hair mask and a wonderfully lulling aromatherapy shoulder-and-arm massage I wish would never end. Finally, the Fibre Architecture Serum was applied onto the hair before blow drying.

By the time I walked out of the salon, I felt like I have hair that deserves its own TV commercial. It felt squeaky clean but not dry, sleek and invigorated. DIY care is very important if you want that feeling to last, the therapist said. So I went home with a bottle of the Kérastase Bain Force Architect Reconstructuring shampoo and, of course, the serum. For the first time in this climate, my hair felt fresh and light — as if free from oil and the undesirable effects of humidity — and very manageable throughout the day for as long as I was using the products.


Price: S$268

Glam Rating: ★★★★






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