Blog Talk With Ginette Chittick

In case you haven’t heard, Glam Asia’s much-anticipated Asia’s Top Glam Bloggers contest is officially on! You can submit your entries from now till February 29.

To keep things interesting while the entries come pouring in, we will be introducing one of the contest’s five lovely guest judges every week via an interview, in which they chat with Glam Asia about their humble beginnings, inspirations and style, and dish out some invaluable advice on what they think it takes to be a standout blogger these days.

In the spotlight this week is Ginette Chittick, one of three founders/designers of Singaporean label FrüFrü & Tigerlily. She is also a lecturer and programme leader at the Lasalle College Of The Arts Fashion Communication Programme.


GLAM: You have a fashion label, and you design clothes and bags, can you tell us what your fashion credo is, and how would you describe your style?
GINETTE: I don’t really have any background in fashion design, but I always think if other people can start up fashion labels and design clothes, so could my friends and I with our label FrüFrü & Tigerlily. Though the lack in any sewing skills and understanding of pattern drafting and draping had taken us a longer time to get there, I do believe in what Dutch says in Predator: “If it bleeds, you can kill it.” Metaphorically, of course.

Having come from a punk rock band (I played in an all-girl punk band when I was 17), my style is very steeped in Rock ’n’ Roll. I like heels and dresses and all that girlie stuff but there’s always a rock edge to it — whether it’s studs or leather or a tasselled bag to throw it off.

GLAM: Do you read fashion blogs regularly? If so, who are some of your favorite?
GINETTE: I’m not really a fan of fashion blogs of girls who only take pictures of themselves. There’s only so much narcissism I can take, so blogs such as Hint Blog is fab because it’s got posts on music and graphic design besides fashion.

GLAM: What, in your opinion, are the key qualities that make a good fashion blogger especially when there’s a dime a dozen of them?
GINETTE: I think a good fashion blogger does his or her research and writes with confidence without talking down to the audience. We’ve got to feel like the blogger is sharing information in a fun and pithy way, complete with relevant visuals. I think humour is very important as well because people in fashion can take things too seriously.

GLAM: What advice would you offer participants, especially the new kids on the blog?
GINETTE: The same advice I give to all new kids I can grab before they run away from me screaming: Be yourself, fakes are easily sussed out!

GLAM: What’s your all-time favourite fashion moment?
GINETTE: My favourite fashion moment was when my label took part in our first fashion show — that was the moment we went from being a DIY design collective to a real fashion label. And that was the shining moment when we knew we had done it.

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