When Ferragamo Meets Bulgari

As far as collaborations go, this one looks set to outshine them all. Salvatore Ferragamo and Gianni Bulgari (scion of the Bulgari family, and founder of his own luxury watch and jewellery brand Enigma) have teamed up to design an exclusive jewellery collection — the former’s first. In the spirit of the-more-the-merrier, the collection features not one, not two but three lines showcasing the iconic symbols and cutting-edge workmanship the duo are so well known for.

Every true-blue fashionista should recognise this Ferragamo insignia which can be seen on its famous shoes. Taking inspiration from the symbol and combining the technique of creating optical illusions devised by Gianni Bulgari, the Futurista Line includes structured bracelets, earrings and pendants.

Borrowing the name of a famous buckle used by Ferragamo as an embellishment on the Vara shoes, this line also combines the open-work technique that Bulgari is familiar with. The result is soft and fluid graphic lines that are feminine and sophisticated.

Another one of Ferragamo’s iconic symbols which can be seen on its bags and accessories, the Gancino is a functional clasp meant for fastening bags. The partnership brings about a twist to the clasp, transforming it into a part of a ring or a bracelet. The items come in various colours and materials. Decisions, decisions.



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